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SO glad you are back! Happy 2021!

Susan, 12 Jan 2021

  Reply : ????

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year. Much love from our family to yours.

Susan, 23 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thank you very much for your lovely and generous words. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New year too.

Hi everyone! Happy Christmas! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.

Susan, 16 Dec 2020

  Reply : Hello Susan And Ian.we would like to thank for everything. Thanks for being loyal, regular and good customers to us. Thanks for your lovely review and also thank you so much for your Xmas card and the gift., we hope yous have a lovely Xmas and hope 2021 is a good year for you. Gianni, Rosa and Aldo xxx

Thank you SO much for the tiramisu last time! Merry Christmas! Xxxx

Susan, 07 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thanks so much for your lovely review. We are all happy we met such lovely people. Merry Xmas xxx

Hi! Hope you can open for sit in soon! Miss you all.

Susan, 02 Dec 2020

No Tiramasu? I am heartbroken. How can I go on without your wonderful Tiramasu?I guess I will resort to drinking heavily,,,,,

Susan And Ian, 28 Nov 2020

  Reply : I'm really apologies about tiramisù, we been waiting for delivery mascarpone and not been delivered.

We’re having a new kitchen put in. You are saving our lives!

Susan, 19 Nov 2020

  Reply : hi Susan we are happy to support you to finish the new kitchen..

Your yummy food will brighten up our rainy day. See you soon!

Susan, 17 Nov 2020

  Reply : Thanks Susan

Being Italian I've been happy to see a few proper pizzerie opening in Glasgow in recent years. The last in the list, "L' Italiano" in Charing Cross, has become my favourite. The food is delicious (not just pizza). Pizza is amazing, light, well seasoned, fairly priced. The staff looks after you, and have excellent customer service. Well done

Corrado, 15 Nov 2020

  Reply : Thank you so much

I tried different kind of pizzas around Glasgow and this one was by far the best! Super light weight! The owners are lovely as well xx

Eugenia, 14 Nov 2020

  Reply : Thank you so much

Hi guys! See you soon!

Susan, 12 Nov 2020

  Reply : hi Susan it is always a pleasure to serve you.

Several times I have eaten this place's pizza, it has never disappointed me, I find it to be the best Italian pizza in Glasgow, light, well seasoned and the desserts are great too. It's a very nice team, I recommend you try and I'm sure you will come back.

Manuela, 03 Nov 2020

We can’t wait until we can return to the restaurant to enjoy your yummy food and amazing service.

Susan And Ian, 28 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thank you so much, we are very happy to hear that and we gonna be very happy to see you again i hope it will be soon . Enjoy your meal . Many thanks

Love you guys!

Susan, 21 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thank you so much

My FAVORITE pizza in Glasgow.

Susan, 29 Aug 2020

Best food in Paisley, no matter what we’ve tried it’s always been highest quality and fresh! People in A Mano are charming and helpful.

Kathleen, 04 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thanks

We use Amano regularly and are never disappointed! Food fresh and delicious

Chris, 01 Jul 2020

  Reply : Thank you very much

Always great food and service.

Nicholas, 27 Jun 2020

Really nice, everything we ordered tasted fresh. Best pizza in Paisley and delivered super fast. Thanks

Gary Robertson, 18 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thanks

Best pizzas in paisley! Love how they always read the notes, and the delivery drivers are very nice. Thanks for the free dessert the other week. cheers guys :)

Ryan, 31 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you very for review.

Absolutely delicious food Best in Paisley

Noname, 27 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you very much

Excellent pizza, best in paisley. Great starters too ☺️

Frank, 22 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you very much

excellent taste and service

Jess, 17 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you very much

Ma pizza bottom a wee bit soggy but I tanned it cos I was starvin after a heavy DIY day.cheers and stay safe.x

Karen, 13 May 2020

  Reply : Thanks for review... sorry

Real pizza!

Jamie, 10 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you very much

Thanks so much for sending the pasta out so quickly, also really appreciate the wee pudding - you didn't have to do that, but it's lovely, thank you. Food was amazing, we'll definitely be ordering again. Thanks all! Please don't post name/personal details if you use any information from this feedback on your website, thank you.

Honor Morrison, 02 May 2020

  Reply : Thank you very much.